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Grandma’s Pure and Naturals – Review and Giveaway

espacularaiesa blogged about us over a year ago!


Do you remember red wax lips or cinnamon toothpicks or how absolutely rich you felt when you got that nice shiny quarter on allowance day? Do you remember grandma’s lye soap? Well, you might not want to remember the soap if you ever smarted off or told a fib to an adult!!!! If you do remember these things, lets face it… you’re OLD!

All that aside, grandma’s lye soap has stood the test of time and has had a resurgence  of popularity when compared to modern soaps. Grandma’s Pure and Natural, made by Remwood Products Company, is based in Tulsa Oklahoma and they pride themselves in their products. All their products from Grandma’s Lye Soap to the luxurious Grandma’s Winter Hand Soother lotion are made with care, love, and attention to natural pure ingredients.

Their website is full of letters from customers who use their products and have had great benefits from…

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Gardening-How To Magazine

Our Grime Away Soap and Poison Ivy Bar are advertised in the March/April 2012 issue of Gardening-How To Magazine!!


As a gardener, I want my plants to have the best chance to grow. I spend time to loosen and fertilize the soil and carefully bury my seeds/bulbs. I make sure my flowerbeds are watered and weeded too. Gardening is not a clean hobby, but my hands don’t have to reflect that all day. I created Grime Away Soap with pumice and grits to gently remove grime.  It gets the dirt stains off my hands, leaves them soft and smooth and ready to go out in public!

What is Lye Soap?

Lye Soap is a soap made of lye, water, and lard.  When they are combined, they go through a process called saponification.  (It’s a chemical reaction, just like in chemistry class.)  These components go in, and soap comes out. Our bar looks like this:  

Lye soap has been around for generations.  For instance, when people only bathed Saturday nights before church, it was their grandmother’s lye soap they used.  The grandmother’s ingredients were the things available, the animals from out back and the lye from wood ashes.  Their mixture was not always precise making some batches stronger than others.  We’ve made a few improvements since the last hundred years and now we have an exact recipe for what we sell.  No need to worry about a change in grandma’s batch of soap, I will take care of it.