The Truth About The Lye

Back in the day, when you needed to make your own soap if you wanted to bathe, lye soap was most popular. It was made at home and took a lot of hard work. Not only did the old-fashioned  soap makers have to collect ashes from their stove and siphon off the lye, but they had to raise the pig themselves to have the lard.

The old-time recipe was not necessarily that specific. Sometimes it was made with too much lye and sometimes it was made with too little.  When there was an excess of lye, it would burn the skin. When there was a deficiency of lye, the soap wouldn’t solidify.

Remwood Products Co. makes Grandma’s Lye Soap with a special formula that ensures we use the right amount of lye. All the lye is used up in the process, leaving Grandma’s Lye Soap safe and effective.  Making soap is like chemistry class: add ingredients, watch reaction, create new substance. This process of making soap is called saponification. During saponification, anyone who is part of the creation process is properly covered and protected from the raw lye. After that, no lye remains. Just soap! SAFE soap!


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