“Cheap is the New Classy”

Cheap is the New Classy compared the size of our Grandma’s Lye Soap Bar to a leading brand of soap after 2 weeks.

Dawn, of Cheap is the New Classy Blog, says: “…this bar of soap is crazy big! It is like twice the size of an average bar. That is a definite point to take into account when you are deciding about this soap’s cost effectiveness. If you are looking for a natural soap without all the harsh additives found in most of the more well known brands, I think you might really enjoy Grandma’s Lye Soaps.”

Interesting Fact: Grandma’s Lye Soap comes in a 6.0 oz bar.

Read what Dawn has to say about how the soap worked on her dry skin here.


Grandmother Knows Best

Moms Living ThriftyMoms Living Thrifty is blog whose name basically explains itself. The blogger was so sweet and reviewed our Grandma’s Lye Soap, Don’t Bug Me Bar, and Poison Ivy Bar. In her blog she wrote about how our product reminded her of her Grandma’s remedies to illness with techniques she picked up long ago. Her grandmother always knew the alternative treatment for everything.

Everyone who has a “magical” grandmother like that knows what Moms Living Thrifty is talking about. Their back to basics, simple methods always knew how to make us feel better.

Read Moms Living Thrifty’s blog here.

Challenge of the day: Call your grandma.

Meet Semmes Savers

Semmes Savers is a blog dedicated to “Learning to Live More While Spending Less.”  Her family tried a few of our soaps over the summer and she reviewed them on her blog. She has great things to say about Grandma’s Lye Soap that I’d love for everyone to read, not to mention her other insightful articles.

Semmes Saver’s husband took the Grandma’s Lye Soap before she could even get a picture of it! She says he has seen an improvement in his skin over the hot summer months. I bet he will see great results in the winter too! Maybe she’ll let us know if Grandma’s Lye Soap keeps away the inevitable dry itchy skin of winter. 

Read Semmes Saver’s blog here!