Just For Hunters

Although you might think you blend into your surroundings in your camo, the deer know otherwise when they can smell the body wash you used this morning. Camouflage your scent this hunting season. It isn’t too difficult or expensive to increase your chances at coming home with some game. Try these four easy steps:

Step one: Shower with Grandma’s Lye Soap because it has no added fragrance. It may help with dry skin from sitting out in the cold too!

Step two: Wash your clothes with Grandma’s Laundry Soap which also has no added fragrance. It defeats the purpose to bathe with odorless soap if your clothes are still scented.

Step three: Go hunting! To better blend in with the environment you are hunting in, rub dirt/pine needles from the same area on your clothing/skin instead of buying generic natural scents.

Step four: Return home with your prize! And then shower and wash your hunting clothes with Grandma’s Soaps.

Visit our website to order these soaps or look for us in a local hardware or health food store. www.GrandmasPureAndNatural.com

Source: How Stuff Works


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