5 Easy Ways To Help Dry Winter Skin

CBS News reports that “Skin tends to be drier during winter months because there’s less moisture in the air…cold winds outside and hot, dry, heated air inside” [Source]. We all know this is true and have felt its effects at some point or another, for some of us we experience a wave of dry skin every year. Here are 5 things that I found useful in planning ahead to keep my skin at its finest this winter.

  • Use sunscreen when you go outside for any season. Especially if there is snow because the sun sure reflect off that!
  • Wear gloves even if it doesn’t seem too cold out to protect them from the wind. And make sure they are dry gloves to avoid irritation.
  • Use a humidifier to put moisture back in the air that central heating systems take away. An alternative (and cheaper) idea is to keep a bowl full of water above your radiator, if you have one.
  • Take shorter/cooler showers. Avoid super hot showers/baths which will surely dry out your skin. Many sources recommend just 10 minutes.
  • Use Plain Soap! Everyday Health suggests to “avoid soaps with deodorants, fragrance, or alcohol because they can strip your skin of its natural oils” [Source].

Hope these tips will help you start off the winter months right! Let me know if you have any additional suggestions that work well for you!

Yahoo was also a source of information.


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