How to Make Your Bar of Soap Last Longer

A bar of soap from Grandma’s Pure and Natural will last about a month depending on the user and how many times per day they are bathing. We all know that Grandma’s Lye Soap is an economical natural buy. There is a way to enhance that value even more.

Try these things to make your bar soap last even longer:

  • Store your Grandma’s Lye Soap in a soap dish between uses
  • Don’t leave your Grandma’s Lye Soap sitting in water
  • Save pieces that chip off of your bar of soap and the remnants when a bar is almost finished
  • Use accumulated salvaged pieces together in a wash cloth pouch
  • Keep Grandma’s Lye Soap out of direct contact with shower stream

Do you have any other ideas? Let us know so we can share it with others!


Espacularaiesa Product Highlight

Blogger, Espacularaiesa, has used Grandma’s Lye Soap enthusiastically for over a year now. Check out her Grandma’s Pure and Natural blog post and see what she is up to!

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Valuable Soap

These days we are always looking for the best deal. We want the top of the line products for a next to nothing cost. We say we want cheap prices, but not cheap stuff! What we really mean is that we want every last ounce of value out of the product we pay for. At Remwood Products, we think and shop just like you, so our  soap sales reflect that.

Here are the facts: One bar of Grandma’s Lye Soap weighs 6 oz.  It costs $5 from our website.

Depending on the user and frequency of use, Grandma’s Lye Soap will last roughly one month.   If more than one person is using the bar, it typically doesn’t last as long. We have heard many a story husbands stealing their wives’ Lye Soap and vice versa!

All natural products aren’t out of reach. If you want to switch to an all natural soap, there’s no need to “break the bank.” Choose Grandma’s Lye Soap because it is affordable, long-lasting, and contains more than $5 worth of benefits.

Soap 101

A new year, a new lesson on soap.

If you’ve read our blog before, then let’s recap. If you’re one of our new visitors, welcome, and we will give you a few pointers to make you an expert.

Soap is made through a process called saponification. The lye and oil(s) react to create soap  All of the lye is used up in the process.

Grandma’s Lye Soap is handmade. Lye soap has been around for generations and started out being made by hand. Large manufacturing companies have tried to make lye soap in the past, but lard based soap cannot be run in continuous processing machines. Grandma knows best –  lye soap should be made by hand, and that’s exactly what Remwood Products does.


Its 2013! How did that happen?

The New Year seemed to have snuck up on us here at Remwood Products, but let me reassure you that we will embrace it.

We are excited about this year and looking forward to hearing from our customers.  Keep writing us with your experiences and testimonies. Your feedback is much appreciated and always taken into account.

This year we will have more blog giveaways providing you with opportunities to win free Grandma’s Soaps! As soon as those dates come out, we will let you know.

You will be able to find Grandma’s Soap in more retail stores and new trade shows.

2013 will be filled with new and exciting things at Remwood Products! We can’t wait to share them all with you.

Happy New 2013 Everyone!