Soap 101

A new year, a new lesson on soap.

If you’ve read our blog before, then let’s recap. If you’re one of our new visitors, welcome, and we will give you a few pointers to make you an expert.

Soap is made through a process called saponification. The lye and oil(s) react to create soap  All of the lye is used up in the process.

Grandma’s Lye Soap is handmade. Lye soap has been around for generations and started out being made by hand. Large manufacturing companies have tried to make lye soap in the past, but lard based soap cannot be run in continuous processing machines. Grandma knows best –  lye soap should be made by hand, and that’s exactly what Remwood Products does.


3 thoughts on “Soap 101

  1. I love this soap my 12 & 3 yr old hv severe eczema we’ve been giong to UTMB Galveston dermatology dept for yrs they’ve prescribed them Elidel, Dermasmoothe, Trycinoline, etc nothing has ever worked till my patient told me about Grandma’s Lye Soap helping her niece. I tried it (brought from a feed store) & it works even the Attarax they were prescribed for the itching is no longer needed. Recently my 3 yr old daughter has had an outbreak in her face & her scalp so I used it to wash her hair & face it worked. The medicated shampoo her Dr. prescribed did not work. What a life saver!

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