Grandma’s Love

Recently, I was at an airport waiting for my flight to leave. I could hear people making small talk all around me, so of course I had to listen in. I overheard 2 couples talking about how they were each on their way home from visiting their grandkids for Christmas. They took turns bragging about activities and presents with such joy that they were lucky enough to spoil their grandchildren for a few weeks. One of the grandmothers said to the other, “We love our kids, but now our grandchildren! We would do ANYTHING for them!”

Isn’t that the truth? There is a special love from grandparents to  grandchildren that is beautiful and unique.

Remwood Products hopes that all of Grandma’s Soaps make you feel loved, cared for, and spoiled. We want to give you the very best and make sure you always wash behind your ears!


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