Scratchy Skin? What Causes Your Pet to Itch

Scratchy Skin? What Causes Your Pet to Itch

Many pets suffer dry itchy skin that can be related to numerous causes and infections. Dogs scratch naturally and it’s usually not seen as abnormal, but when dogs begin to scratch excessively it may be a symptom of an underlying pathogen. Scratching related to excessive itching medically termed is pruritus.
Itching and scratching are the second most common reason people take their dogs to the vet. There are two main causes of excessive itching: their skin is too dry/oily or they have an infection. Another common cause could be allergies that affect the dog’s skin and cause inflammation, itching, swelling and in severe cases scrapes from excessive scratching.
Often owners choose to buy products that contain harsh chemicals and medications that strip a dog’s skin of its natural oils, whereas other pure and natural products don’t. GRANDMA’S created this gentle soap to address the special needs of pets with sensitive skin. Lard based pure soap gently cleans; baking soda leaves the coat fresh. No detergents, dyes, fragrance or chemicals to irritate pet’s sensitive skin!

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