Dandruff: The Facts You May Not Know

Dandruff: The Facts You May Not Know

Many people across the nation suffer from dandruff and the embarrassing flakes that go along with it. What many do not know is that dandruff can be traced back to a fungal infection that feeds on the fatty oils we produce on our heads. Our skin naturally sheds a new layer every 27-28 days and we have completely new skin. It is often never noticed unless dandruff occurs. Dandruff speeds the shedding process as quickly as 2 weeks causing an abundance of skin flakes that can cluster from the oils produced on our heads. In order to reduce this there are several steps you can take to lower the irritation.

1. Shampoo each day to wash the flakes out
2. Switch to shampoos with ingredients like baking soda
3. Only use natural shampoos that are sulfate-free, not full of other chemicals, fragrances, or additives
4. Lather and rinse your hair twice. The first wash loosens the clusters of skin while the second gets to work and washes them out
5. Be sensitive to your sensitive skin and don’t over wash your hair
6. Resist scratching your scalp this may cause scrapes that worsen the condition and irritate the fungus more
7. Shower immediately after working out or strenuous work that makes you sweat. Sweat irritates the scalp further and causes quicker turnover of skin cells
9. Try not to use too many sticky products such as mousses, hair sprays, gels, ect. They contribute to more build up of oils on your skin

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