Keeping Your Skin Free From Dryness

dry skin

Most of us have recovered from the festivities this past holiday season. The Christmas trees are coming down and gift shopping is coming to an end… or at least to a manageable conclusion.  Those who live in the tropics are lucky enough to transition into the warmer season, while the rest of us have to deal with the bitter cold January and February will bring.  Some of you might disagree with my statement and you’re right to do so…I’ll be honest…I am a big fan of warmer weather.

One aspect of this winter season we can agree on is the dry skin some of us will have to deal with.  Below is an article WebMD put on 6 tips to relive dry skin…#2 is right on!

So as you keep yourself warm in anticipation of the warmer season keep in mind natural products like Grandmas Pure and Natural Soap to keep your skin moisturized and dry-free this winter season.

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