Lye Soap Testimonials

Following are customer testimonials from users of Grandma’s Lye Soap:

“ . . . It is wonderful and I love the product. Just wanted to let you know” (A. Rusnak)

“ .. . My Mother gave me a bar of Grandma’s Lye Soap. . This has changed my life . . ”(B. Gregory – Columbia, SC )

“. . . I purchased your product at a local store and began to use it daily. I am a believer in your product! ” B. Chapman—Ashdown, AR)

“I am on my fifth bar of “Grandma’s Lye Soap” and I love this product. . . I also like the fact your soap is not perfumed so after I shower and put on some type of fragrance, the two are not fighting with one another.”
(D. Saugey – Jessieville, AR )

“ . . . In August, 2012, I found GRANDMA’S lye Soap at my local store. I began using it as my only soap . . . This soap is like manna from heaven! Please don’t ever stop making it!” (G.S. Kokomo, IN)

“. . . I am sold on GRANDMA’S Lye Soap. Please don’t stop making it. Thanks for supplying a really great product!”
(Ms. F. W., Jamestown, NY )

“ I ordered 3 additional bars from you and have been using them regularly and exclusively for bathing and hand washing. . . . This is such a practical solution to a human condition that I am satisfied far beyond my expectations. Thanks for your entrepreneurial spirit that made this product available for us.” (R. Viguie – Cincinnati, OH )

“ . . . Thank you SO much for putting this product on the market! .” (D. Lorsung – North Branch, MN)

“ . . . Thank you for making this wonderful product! My family is being transferred overseas soon, but I will continue
to buy your product.” (A.K.Killeen, TX)

“. . . I am very impressed with the way the soap works.” (A. Oakes – Cincinnati, OH )

“While visiting my daughter in Oklahoma I got a bar of “Grandma’s Lye Soap”. . . We plan on keeping “Grandma’s Lye Soap” around for a while.” (R. Reed – Gurley, AL )

“A few moths ago I was given a bar of “Grandma’s Lye Soap”. . . . You have made my life so much better! I am grateful.” (L. Sexton – Franklin, NC )

“ . . . I was at our local health store and . . . (S)he recommended your soap, which they sell, and I loved it! I love this stuff! . . . Thank Ya’ll so much! (E. Moses, DeRidder, LA)

“These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.”

Remwood Products Company

* P.O. Box 35305 * Tulsa, OK 74153 *

PH: 800-345-3925


One thought on “Lye Soap Testimonials

  1. Unbelievably, this soap is having an effect on my athlete’s foot! After two days, it is noticeably clearer and far less irritating.

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